NOLA MusiCon 2023


Ian Chambers

Director of Paid Media, Concord

For the past 14 years, Ian Chambers navigates the tumultuous landscape of the music business, often opting for the path less taken. While many in the industry cling to traditional methods, Chambers ventures into uncharted territories, notably pioneering the use of remarketing pixels in the music industry at Concord. He seamlessly juggles roles, transitioning from an immersive full-stack music marketer to leading the ascent of emerging dance music artists as their manager. 

Originating from Los Angeles, Chambers’ trajectory in the music industry is riddled with unexpected twists and turns. He’s devised strategies for music legends like Calvin Harris, Giorgio Moroder, Blink 182, among other big names. Alongside these collaborations, he’s had the privilege to be a part of powerhouse music entities like Concord, Red Light Management, YMU, Three Six Zero/RocNation, and more. Chambers has garnered invaluable insights from three crucial perspectives: management, label, and agency. 

In the vast expanse of music, Chambers stands alongside both industry titans and budding stars. From the powerful beats of renowned musicians to the raw fervor of yet-to-be-discovered talents, he’s been instrumental in shaping their stories. His dedication is evident in sleepless nights spent on projects and memorable moments, like driving the legendary Tim Armstrong to his San Diego Rancid gig. Whether it’s a massive festival, an indie label, or a DIY artist, Chambers delves deep to unearth unique marketing angles. 

Every artist, every label, every beat deserves its moment in the limelight. However, it’s essential to recognize that no marketer can ever truly understand a brand as intimately as the artist themselves. The true essence of an artist is encapsulated in their vision and voice, the unique qualities that distinguish them from the crowd. And that’s the magic Chambers seeks to amplify.

Instagram – @ianchambers


October 24-27, 2023

Royal Sonesta New Orleans

300 Bourbon Street
New Orleans, LA 70130



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